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Message From the Founder

"The mission of the proposed Vedanta University is to be of service to India and to the world. My vision for the University is to create a world - renowned institution for academic, athletic, cultural, and research programs.

The State of Odisha, by providing hospitable and beautiful natural surroundings, is as important to the University as the University will be to the economic growth of the region. Vedanta University will provide thousands of young people who want to attend an institution on par with the best universities of the world the opportunity to finally do so within their own country.

A country cannot move forward or compete in the world market without an educated workforce. As such, my goal is to create a university that will provide students with an education that is multidisciplinary in nature, encompassing all domains of human endeavor. It will conduct cutting edge research on globally relevant topics from an Asia-centric perspective. It will provide a stimulating environment for them to develop the talents necessary to succeed as our planet's future leaders and decision-makers.

Equally important as its academic programs is the university's atmosphere. The Vedanta University campus is designed to be a special place where individuals and groups can understand the past, react to the present, and unveil new truths for the future. This academic village will provide the communal cohesion and power that is intertwined with the mission of the institution."


Anil Agarwal

Group Chairman Vedanta Resources Plc

Brief Description

The President of India, Hon’ble Sri Pranab Mukherjee, in his speech to the "BRICS and Emerging Economies' Universities" on December 2, 2015 observed: "India has one of the world's largest higher education system comprising 712 Universities and over 36,000 colleges. The expansion of higher education network in India has enabled us to create access to higher education across the country. However, the quality of education in our institutes of higher learning remains a big challenge."

Philip G. Altbach, author, researcher, professor at Boston College and one of the world's most influential thinkers in higher education, once expressed, "India is a world-class country without world-class universities. It deserves some world-class institutions, as it is a very large and growing economy. There are a lot of smart people in India but they go away to other countries, as they do not find top-level institutions here."

The search for quality in higher education and growing competition for limited seats in the existing institutions compel nearly 6.8 lakhs Indian students to study abroad, reveals ASSOCHAM's recent study.(Source:

Vedanta University envisaged as a world class, multi-disciplinary university with students from across India and abroad has been proposed to be set up in the state of Odisha. An MOU was signed between Vedanta Foundation and Government of Odisha on 19th July, 2006 to set up this ambitious project which will cater to the needs of about 100,000 students and 20,000 faculty members. The University will nurture generations of global leaders who will make significant contribution to society through their chosen disciplines. Vedanta University will integrate teaching, learning, and research into a holistic learning environment that encourages leading scholarship.

At a project cost of around $3 billion, the Vedanta University is designed to stem the outflow of meritorious students and precious foreign exchange from our country. It will also attract high quality faculty and students from other countries into India to quench their global quest for knowledge. The University will transform Odisha into a primary center for knowledge in India as it is expected to join the ranks of the world's greatest Universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford.

We are now fully prepared to translate this ambitious dream into reality.