Programs that would be offered by the University will include:

  • Bachelors (includes BA, BSc, BTech, MBBS etc.)
  • Masters (includes one year MPhil, two year MA, MSc, MBA, MPH etc. and five years Integrated MA/MSc/MTech, MD etc.)
  • Doctorate
  • Professional Diploma (for programs in professional schools that are offered for less than two years duration, including Executive education)
  • Associate (intermediate diplomas for professional programs)
  • Distance and Continuing Education diplomas

Characteristics of the programs:

  • All programs will be credit based. Each course will carry credits based on the number of contact hours, each course will require pre-requisites and the degree will require that a student satisfactorily completes a specified number of credits.
  • Three year undergraduate or five year integrated Masters (i.e., three year undergraduate and two years masters) would be the recommended duration for the programs.
  • All degrees, whether professional or non-professional, will require an in-depth study on a topic through a thesis.
  • All undergraduate programs will have University wide common requirements of certain credits in humanities and social sciences, natural sciences and particularly mathematics, creative arts, writing skills, oral communication, and perhaps languages.
  • The final academic plan will evolve after a thorough objective study, which is in progress. This will also meet the regulatory requirements.