The campus will be developed in a phased manner to create not just an institution where research and teaching take place, but to create a vibrant university township with a growing population of more than 450,000. The township will give rise to schools, recreational facilities, support services, parks, cultural institutions and a research park. The interaction between the University, the research park and the business incubator will lead to an interdependent and economically generative research and educational complex.

The campus will also include a developed central water body, Olympic caliber sports facilities and support infrastructure to nurture a growing community around the University complex. The Vedanta university area will be an attractive destination with meaningful employment opportunities, a culture education, world-class living standards, and unsurpassed infrastructure.

Some of the world class University towns are mentioned below for comparison:

Harvard University, USA:

Yale University, USA:

University of Oxford, UK

Oxford University has about 35+ colleges spread around Oxford. Each College talks about its acreage separately. As an example, just Magdalene College of Oxford University has 100 acres. Others may have smaller holdings. Beyond the 35+ colleges, Wytham Woods owned by Oxford University has 390 hectares, which is 963 acres. Similarly, Harcourt Arboretum of Oxford University has 130 acres.

University of Cambridge, UK:

Cambridge University has about 30 Colleges spread around Cambridge and beyond. Each College talks about its acreage separately. One of its Colleges, Trinity College of University of Cambridge owns an estate of 3400 acres. Other colleges may have smaller holdings. The university farm of university of Cambridge is about 2600 acres.

University of California, Berkeley, USA:

Cornell University, USA:

Stanford University, USA:

Note: Most US universities do not provide housing for its faculty and its employees.