World-Class Research

Research and teaching will be directly linked. Vedanta University will actively ensure that teaching - particularly undergraduate teaching - is not removed from contemporary research. The University research agenda will establish cross-disciplinary centers of excellence for creating knowledge in new areas, provide resources and facilities to support research at par with the best Universities around the world, and develop mechanisms to involve students in research as an integral part of their learning.

The University will be research driven. The research agenda will embrace fundamental research as well as research into problems which beset the country - from furtherance of green technologies to alleviation of poverty, from artificial intelligence to governance and ethics, from integrated medicine to wellness studies.

Vedanta University faculty will be consistently encouraged to advance knowledge in their field(s) of expertise. The University will promote agenda-based research for enhancement of public services and governance. In addition, the University will forge links with the best research centers around the world and promote industry partnerships to facilitate ideas and innovation. The integrated research park will nurture initiatives to commercialize viable ideas and provide access to the frontlines of innovation.

Through emphasis on both research and teaching, the University will train the next generation of faculty and revive a culture of scholarship of higher education in India. India must become globally competitive in knowledge production by investing in preparing and retaining world-class scholars.